Replacement and Custom
Leaf Springs

We Proudly Manufacture & Design Springs According To Original Blueprint Specifications

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We've Been Manufacturing Leaf Springs In Detroit Since 1937

leaf Spring Kit

Restore your vehicle back to it's prime - no matter when that was - with our factory and custom leaf springs. The world's leading custom shops, companies, and hobbyists all use our springs for good reason: nobody can beat our design process, utilizing rare original blueprints to produce springs as close to the original as possible. Whether you're restoring that Camaro or building a custom, all original hot rod, we can help provide the springs you need to get cruising smooth and level.

  • Designed with the Original Factory Blueprint

    We stay as true as possible to the factory original.

  • Made with SAE 5160 High Alloy Spring Steel

    We only use the highest quality spring steel.

  • Shot peened for longer life

    We want your springs to serve you well. Shot peening extends the life of your springs significantly.

  • Customizable to meet special needs

    We will help you design the perfect spring for your vehicle.

Custom Leaf Springs

Your vehicle’s suspension was built to work with a specific leaf spring and designed to sit your vehicle at a certain ride height. Every year we redesign thousands of leaf springs to adjust the ride height, both up and down, to match what customers would like it to be. And we do this without sacrificing ride quality. Most applications can be raised or lowered a maximum of 3-inches. If you have a question regarding a custom leaf spring design, feel free to contact us.

Replacement Leaf Springs

We have thousands of blueprints for American vehicles manufactured over the past century, which is why we’re the number one leaf spring manufacturer for the restoration, street-rodding, and resto-mod industries. Our springs will literally have your vehicle sitting like the first day off the lot, no matter what year that was. Request a quote for your restoration project, order springs from our online database, or give us a call to learn more about how we can help you restore your vehicle’s suspension.

Attaching Parts and Installation Kits

leaf Spring Kit

We provide attaching parts for thousands of leaf spring automotive applications. Replacing your attaching parts when installing a new set of springs is a necessary step to any project, and we aim to make that as easy as possible by providing the right parts for your vehicle from the start.

We Ship Worldwide

We have built springs in Detroit, Michigan for 80 years, evolving with the auto industry while maintaining the original pride and craftsmanship of the golden era of classic cars. This is why our springs are in demand world-wide, from Norway to Australia. We ship anywhere, and you can order springs, shipping, and your attaching parts online, over email, or over the phone.